What about French vanillas?

With our overseas departments so far from each other, the supply of vanilla in France should be abundant, unfortunately if the development potential is important (like Tahiti) the production deficit is important on many DOM.


Along with Reunion Island, Tahiti remains the flagship of French vanilla with a production of about 35 tons of ripe vanilla in 2021 and a growing world demand.

Generous and atypical, Tahitian vanilla has everything to please & to try it is to adopt it. It has indeed what to seduce, fatty, supple, rich in grain with an incomparable aroma and perfume it has no equal to sublimate any dish (dessert or other). We could blame it on its price ? The fleshy and aromatic pods will often make you use only half a pod to spice up any culinary preparation.

Ile de la réunion

With its 2500 km², its famous volcano “le piton de la Fournaise” and its tropical forests, Reunion Island had to reinvent itself and professionalize in order to distinguish itself from its Malagasy and Comorian neighbors, all 3 of which benefit from the “Bourbon” appellation. Production and quality are constantly increasing but the cost of production remains high for this beautiful origin. The offer is oriented on Vanilla Planifolia with finer pods than its sisters of the Indian Ocean. We have found significant differences between the preparers but it remains one of our favorite vanillas, all origins taken into account.

New Caledonia

Last one in the order of arrival of the French vanilla. The production remains confidential and concerns the vanilla Planifolia. Rare and expensive, the market remains to be built and developed for this territory at the end of the world.

Martinique & Guadeloupe

On the 2 islands, the productions remain marginal and are made by some passionate producers who sell their production locally on the markets or directly on the farm. At the level of local authorities (public and political), the will to develop the sector remains largely to be structured to organize a perennial and exporting activity. Like Tahiti and Reunion, our two islands have a very positive image in the minds of consumers and the economic potential could be quite interesting for the Caribbean production.


Production remains marginal and is mainly absorbed by the domestic market. The market could however be quite interesting for the only French vanilla which would then be produced on the South American market.

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