Where to buy vanilla?


Your retailer, a wise expert, will probably have selected his supplier carefully by committing himself to the quality of the product he offers. It is the number 1 choice if you have a delicatessen close to your home.

Fairs & markets

Impulse buying between fruits & vegetables, retailers are often Madagascans themselves for this origin. The quality is often there, but the traceability of the products remains low and the turnover of sellers quite high.

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The distributors have made great efforts on the quality of the vanilla found on their shelves. The pods are now less dry and packaging is sometimes done in glass tubes.
There is sometimes the vagueness of the labels on the origin of the vanilla and the prices are all prohibitive.

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It is sometimes “the mirror with larks” with allegations at certain retailers as ridiculous as they are misleading, from “best vanilla in the world” to “vanilla that will transport you beyond borders” via “Fresh vanilla” (a total nonsense) or “premium vanilla” and as promises are sometimes difficult to keep, we reward ourselves with “homemade gold medals”.
In this jungle, where it is sometimes complicated to buy on photo, rely primarily on the opinions of other customers, examine the general conditions of sale, do not forget the price which must correspond to that of the market, and remember that there is no reason to buy a standard origin instead, place and price of a more prestigious origin. Ideally, if available, consult the analysis reports, if only to check the vanillin level and the humidity level of the pods.
It remains that this distribution channel is interesting for what it allows to compare the resellers who flourish on the web by having a product delivered to their home.
In this pretty mess that the web can be, it should be noted that the legislator has provided for a standard that frames the different qualities of vanilla (ISO 5565-1 standard).


It is obvious that if you travel to Madagascar or the island of Reunion you will indeed be able to find and bring back vanilla “guaranteed origin”, however, beware of tourist areas which sell vanilla but which paradoxically produce little or no vanilla. .


In any case, make sure of the geographical origin of the vanilla, do not forget either the size of the pods and the origin which must be specified.
We will prefer a purchase by weight, which is always more economical than a purchase by the unit of pods.

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